Entrup Team

Vincent Mendes

Co-funder, CEO

🍣 Sushis addict, love Etretat & JJ Goldman

Thomas Dickelé

Co-funder, COO

Skiing, mountain biking, hiking. I enjoy whatever goes up and down

Jean-Baptiste Esbelin

Co-funder, CTO & CPO

💻I’m not DEV !

Francis Dunois

Sales director

👴🏻My colleagues think i’m old. In fact, I am not!

Pierre Colin

Lead Developer

I know how to solve rubik’s cube 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 !

Elodie Alix


🥑I am the one who is always hungry in the Team

Gwenn Blaison


🙌🏻I have 6 firstnames

Victor Serrain


🧀I have been eating a fondue every year for my birthday ever since I was 9

Gustavo Moreno

Front Dev JS

🐶 My parents replaced me with a pug when I came to France

Our mission

At entrup, we believe that collaboration is actually painful.

These days, teams are distributed, information is flooding, relationships become more transversal. As a result, we spend countless hours in boring meetings, writing meeting reports or following up. We also argue, feel tense and frustrated due to misalignment of tasks and goals, overlap of roles or just because we do not work the same way.

We are trying to make collaboration effortless, natural and smooth.

How do we do that?
We eliminate all the low added value tasks and we truly understand your habits, behavior and successful collaboration drivers, both collective and individual, to trigger the right action at the right time, so that teams can focus on having only meaningful interactions.


2018 HR Solution Prize

Number 1 solution in the digital transformation of businesses 2018

Golden Laureate
2018 & 2017